Travel injuries are a tragic and preventable occurrence. Introducing the affordable, professional grade, fullHD wireless CCTV that is perfect for monitoring your horses safety whilst traveling.

Research has shown that regardless of trip length equine transport is a high stress activity for your horse and can result in injury, respiratory, gastrointestinal disease and even worse case death. The typical signs of stress include loss of balance, scrambling, head tossing/shaking, elevated head, lack of sleeping, horse-horse biting and licking and lead to a horse that is more agitated and anxious during transport. Physical injuries sustained during transport include laceration, abrasion, contusion and swelling and are twice as likely to occur whilst the vehicle is moving and in the first hour of transport (2) and of these 17% of the injured animals never recover fully (2).

Whilst there are no definitive statistics available on the frequency of injury some credible studies give the rate of 45% over 2 years (3) in both commercial and non-commercial transport situations which result in economic loss to the owners of the horses. With most injuries the horse has been showing agitated behaviors prior to the occurrence. In addition to injury reduction our CCTV systems will allow you to monitor the food and water whilst traveling to ensure that your horse is maintained in the best condition possible.

“video-cameras for observing the behavior of horses during transportation are strongly recommended” (1)

After many years in the tow-able vehicles industries and seeing hundreds of poor performing cheap imported products enter the marketplace we decided to make a difference and only offer high grade products that meet strict quality criteria, perform and are built to last many years.

All of our products offer:

  • Latest in Wireless Technology
  • Full High Definition
  • Picture Perfect
  • No Dropout
  • Full Vibrant Colour
  • No Vehicle Cabling Required

What our customers say:

7″ wireless camera

The first time I have had this type of camera, extremely happy. 5 stars

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Cost and Service

RVview wireless systems are price comparable with installing a low grade wired system, but without the hassle of having to attach cables each time you hook up your float. We also provide a 100% money back guarantee. If our products don’t offer the best image quality in mobile CCTV then we will take it back and provide a 100% refund. Added to that is the benefit that you will be dealing with an Australian owned and operated company.


Currently we are only offering installation in the Perth area of Western Australia. If you are in another state our kits are fairly simple to install so feel free to contact us.

Horse Float Camera Kits

We offer a few choices so you can get the kit that is right for you.

7″ Wireless HD 1, 2 or 4 camera

  • 7” wireless monitor
  • Ruberised shell for longevity in tough environments
  • 2 Mega pixel (fullHD 1080P) camera
  • Available with 1, 2 or 4 cameras
  • 120 degree view
  • LED night vision
  • Dust-proof and water-proof
  • Optional suction cup windscreen mount

5″ Wireless HD 1 camera

  • 5″ HD Monitor
  • Ruberised shell for longevity in tough environments
  • 2 Mega pixel (fullHD 1080P) camera
  • High sensitivity audio
  • 120 degree view
  • LED night vision
  • Dust-proof and water-proof
  • Optional suction cup windscreen mount

Foaling and Float Camera Kits – Coming Soon

7″ Wireless with Battery Camera – Coming soon

Our battery powered camera is versatile and truly multi use. It can be used to remotely monitor your horse when foaling and can just as easily be used in your float when you are on the road. It comes with a super strong magnetic base as well as a 6000mAh battery to provide approximately 10-12 hours in daytime and 5-6 hours of night time viewing.

How to contact us

Please call me, Simon, on 0431 713 317 so we can discuss your requirements or send me a message here.

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